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EXCEL can help corporates to make money and FPA Model help corporates to teach excel for free as per their requirements. How excel will help corporates to make money?

Increase Sales

Any business primarily depends on revenue growth.  Excel Pivot tables can be used to help organizations to increase its sales by looking at sales activity related to age over time. Excel can be used to reveal trends in sales.  For example which age group contributes most to sales? Which demographic group is growing fastest?  Armed with information like this a business owner can focus its marketing efforts and product\service offerings to better target the group, garner more sales and more growth.

Strategic Decision Making

Strategic decisions should be based on facts. Excel can be used to develop a financial model. Excel model is, at its core, creating a financial representation of a company and showing how its bottom-line is affected by changes in key drivers.  A financial model can detail the complex relationships within an organization that impact the profitability, so it help out in making strategic decisions

Multiply Manpower

Excel can give the average ability to do more with less. In every business, manual tasks are needed.  However, anything that can be automated should be. Visual Basic for Application (VBA) is a programming language used to automate redundant tasks in Excel. Tasks which can take a physical person hours or days to complete can be automated with VBA and be executed in a matter of seconds or minutes.  With this time savings, labor resources can be used in other ways,  such as garnering more business or adding more value to products\services to further differentiate from competitors.

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